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Electric Generation Supply Cost Decreases for SSO Customers

Customers who receive their electric generation supply through AEP Ohio's Standard Service Offer (SSO) will see the generation supply portion of their monthly electric bill go down beginning in June 2024. During the most recent auctions for generation supply, held in November 2023 and March 2024, the cost of procuring generation decreased. This is a positive change for many customers, following a period of higher-than-average generation supply prices.

A typical residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month can expect the generation portion of their total bill to decrease by about 30% (or $35) from today's typical bill of about $110 to about $77. These rates will be effective from June 1, 2024 until May 31, 2025.

Customers who are part of a municipal aggregation or choose to receive electricity from another generation supplier will not see this same change on their electric bills. If you don't receive your generation supply through AEP Ohio's SSO, you can check with your generation supplier for any updates that might impact your electric bill. Customers can also see the current cost of generation supply on the Apples to Apples comparison chart provided by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

In Ohio customers are free to choose a company, other than AEP Ohio, to supply the electricity for their homes. If a customer does not choose a supplier, or is not part of an aggregation program, an auction process overseen by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is used to set the SSO rate. These costs are passed along to customers with no markup.

How to Tell Where You Get Your Generation Supply


For the generation (supply) portion of your bill, a competitive market auction process is used. This is where energy supply companies submit bids in the auction for the ability to supply energy to AEP Ohio customers for a specified time period at the lowest price possible. This generation supply component is called the Standard Service Offer (SSO).

The auction for the SSO is conducted by an independent auction manager and the whole process is overseen by a consultant approved by the PUCO. The final prices for generation supply procurement set by the competitive auction are market-based and are reviewed and approved by the PUCO.

The price to compare is the rate you will pay for electric generation if you do not switch to a Competitive Retail Energy Service provider. It is, in part, based on results from the competitive market auction. See page three of your electric bill to learn about the price to compare and choose who generates your power by visiting energychoice.ohio.gov.

Yes, in Ohio customers are free to choose who provides the generation supply portion of their electric service, either by affirmatively choosing a competitive provider or by receiving the default Standard Service Offer (SSO). Customers can compare supply rates at energychoice.ohio.gov.

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