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Smart Meters

Learn how it gives you the power to save money and helps keep the power flowing. You'll see the beauty in it too.

Smart Meter Advantages

Here's why AEP Ohio will be installing them in neighborhoods over the next four years.

  • It gives you the power to save money.

    It constantly reports usage information and simplifies the billing process by eliminating estimated bills.

  • It helps with outage restoration.

    The meter provides information to our crews that improves response times and speeds outage repairs.

  • We don't have to inconvenience you to read it.

    You don't have to leave the gate unlocked or be available for readings.

  • It enables new features to help you manage and control your energy usage.

    Easily access usage from your smartphone, tablet or laptop through "My Account" on AEPOhio.com.

Smart Meter Technology

You can benefit from new technology soon after your smart meter is installed:

AEPOhio.com Energy Usage Dashboard
This web portal becomes operational about six weeks after your smart meter installation, and provides basic information about your energy usage. You can find it by going to AEPOhio.com/Account, and clicking on the "View Energy Usage Dashboard" button.


A smart meter is an electric meter equipped with two-way communication technology that provides near real-time meter readings and the secure transfer of customers' usage information to AEP Ohio for billing and operational purposes. The technology improves billing accuracy and eliminates the need for a meter reader to enter onto a customer's property.
The current electric grid is being upgraded to take advantage of emerging technologies, and offer more benefits to our customers. Smart meters will replace the current meters used in homes to record electric usage, many of which are the older, obsolete analog meters.
Smart meters periodically report usage information to AEP Ohio through a secure wireless communication. The meter provides information to our crews that speeds response times and outage repairs. Since we don't have to access your property to read the meter, it simplifies the billing process by eliminating estimated bills. It also enables new features that will soon be available to help you manage your energy usage from your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Your smart meter shows three separate rotating displays:

  1. One display will show whether your electric service is on or off. If it says "CLOSED" your power is on. If it says "OPEN" your power is disconnected and you should contact the AEP Ohio Customer Solutions Center at 800.672.2231.
  2. The next display shows your cumulative electric usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh). This is the amount of energy that has flowed through your meter since it was installed. AEP Ohio uses this information to calculate your bill.
  3. The third rotating display, which includes a decimal point, shows the electricity demand reading in kilowatts (kW), which is used for operational purposes (it is not used for calculating your bill).
No, the smart meter enables us to read your meter without setting a foot on your property or disrupting your schedule. We will still periodically perform field and safety audits of AEP Ohio metering and other electric distribution equipment.
You can visit AEPOhio.com and register for online access to your AEP Ohio account. Click on the "View Energy Usage Dashboard" button. You will be able to view your energy usage, which in turn will help you make decisions on how to save.
All of our installers will be able to provide proper identification at your request. They will also be driving properly marked vehicles. Both will have the AEP Ohio logo. If you're still unsure, you can call 1-800-672-2231 and talk to an AEP Ohio customer service representative who can confirm if one of our employees is visiting your address.
No, you will continue to be billed as you are today.
Yes, AEP has joined the Green Button initiative, a joint effort among utilities, technology companies and the federal government to help you save energy and money. Green Button can help you make better energy and usage decisions. Green Button provides a simple, standardized way to download your energy usage information from our website. This information can then be uploaded to compatible energy efficiency applications or shared with energy efficiency consultants and others to help you analyze how you use energy.

Still have smart meter questions? Talk with a smart meter representative at 888.883.6977 or email us at mymeter@aep.com. Please note this phone number and email address are for smart meter questions only. For all other questions or issues, please call our Customer Solutions Center at 800.672.2231.

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