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Tariff & Revenue Class Codes

Access our current tariffs along with terms and conditions of service located here.

Select the operating company you are interested in. The following spreadsheet contains the tariff codes that map to the applicable tariff.

You will find these tariff codes on the pre-enrollment list provided to PUCO Certified CRES Providers, on a quarterly basis for a fee of $150.00 each. A separate CD will be available for each AEP Ohio operating company. To obtain a CD, contact Provider Support. (See "Pre-enrollment Request Form and Pre-enrollment List File Format", for details.)

The following spreadsheet contains the tariff codes for both the standard tariff schedules and the Open Access Distribution tariff codes, along with a tariff description. There are separate spreadsheets for Columbus Southern Power Company and Ohio Power Company.

There are several worksheets in these spreadsheets that will aid you in determining the service delivery voltage needed to calculate line losses at an individual Service Delivery Identifier point. Please note the worksheet definitions below:

Worksheet Content


Lists tariffs, regardless of service delivery voltage, available in the operating company. This chart also maps the tariff codes to the new Open Access Distribution tariff codes.

Loss Factor

This table provides you with the loss factor based on the service delivery voltage. Please read the notes at the top of page for details.

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