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How to Switch

1 Select an electric generation provider
2 Contact the provider. If you are switching back to us after having been with different provider, call us at 800.672.2231.
3 Be ready to provide your Service Delivery Identifier (SDI) Number found on your AEP bill. The SDI is not your account number. It is a unique 17-digit number found on the charges section of your bill. If you have multiple accounts, you must provide an SDI for each account you are switching. The provider must notify AEP of the switch 12 days prior to the scheduled meter read date. The date we receive the request from the provider will impact the effective date of the switch.
4 Look for a letter from us to confirm your intention to switch. If you wish to proceed with the switch, no action is needed. If you change your mind and wish to stay with your current provider, notify us within 7 days from the postmark date. You will stay with your existing provider -- a CRES provider or AEP Ohio.
5 When you change to a CRES provider, note that your bill will still come from AEP Ohio because AEP still supplies the transmission and distribution services. Look for a line item on your bill that indicates the new provider of your electric generation.
6 If you decide to switch back to AEP Ohio, call 800.672.2231. Notify us 12 days before the next scheduled meter read date. Look for a letter from us and follow Step 3.

Rules About Switching

  • You may switch providers no more than once in a billing month.
  • AEP Ohio apply a switch fee, where appropriate, to the provider you choose.

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