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Customize your preferences for outage, billing, and payment alerts by text and email. You can also sign up for email newsletters on topics that interest you, as well as periodic notifications of new programs and promotions.

Please Note: AEP Ohio does not charge customers for this notification. Message and data rates may apply.

FAQs: Text & Email Alerts

Text and/or email messages sent to users to inform them of activity on an account.

You will need to enroll for alerts if you wish to receive them.

AEP Ohio does not, but standard text message and data rates may apply. These will vary based upon your mobile data plan with your cellular provider.

There is no limit to the number of people who receive alerts regarding an account. In order to have multiple cell phone numbers and/or email addresses each person requesting the alert would need to create their own user identification and password.

View the Terms & Conditions for Alerts and Subscriptions.

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