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Register with AEP Ohio

To register for the first time as a Competitive Retail Electric Service Provider (CRES) in AEP Ohio's Customer Choice Program, download, print, and complete the below documents as indicated. Once completed, please scan and email the required documents including financial information outlined in Section 5 of the application to cresregistration@aep.com to initiate the registration process. Additionally, please include copies of your company's most recent PUCO certification and application for PJM membership with your emailed documents. Once the documents are received we will email an invoice for the $100 registration fee to the Primary Contact on the submitted registration application. Please follow the instructions on the invoice for US Mail, Wire/ACH or Debit/Credit Card payment.

We reserve the right to request originals of all documents if the submitted scanned documents are not legible.

CRES Initial Application Form

Please email one (1) completed EDC/CRES Agreement below to cresregistration@aep.com.

EDC/CRES Agreement

The following documents are necessary for EDI and financial purposes. Please note that all CRES Providers submitting for registration in AEP Ohio are required to participate in EDI Certification Flight Testing. This Testing is a collaborative effort involving multiple registering CRES Providers over a defined period. The CRES Provider and its contracted EDI Vendor or In-house EDI Service are expected to maintain necessary and timely communication with AEP and also between the CRES Provider and the EDI Vendor; and must agree to timely responses throughout Testing. No response or late response to requested test transactions delay both the testing and ultimately the completed registration of all CRES Provider participants. If an EDI Vendor, In-House EDI Service, or CRES Provider is found to be unresponsive or uncooperative during the Testing, the CRES Provider (and its contracted EDI Vendor or In-house EDI Service) will be removed from the ongoing EDI Flight Test and the pending CRES Provider registration will be suspended. The non-performing CRES Provider will be evaluated for inclusion in a future EDI Flight Test. Please download, complete, and return one (1) copy of each of the below documents along with your registration documents.

Required Collateral Forms

Based upon an evaluation of financial information provided with the registration application, AEP Ohio will determine whether a supplier is creditworthy. If a provider has investment grade ratings from two of the three major credit ratings agencies (Standard & Poor's, Moody's, or Fitch) it may be granted unsecured credit up to a threshold determined on a non-discriminatory basis by AEP Credit Risk Management. If a Supplier does not have an investment grade rating by at least two of the above mentioned agencies, the provider must supply either a guaranty, an irrevocable letter of credit, a surety bond or cash deposit for the required energy collateral. The following files contain the required and acceptable formats for financial instruments to be used if AEP Ohio notifies you that you must provide collateral for Energy.

All above collateral formats should be submitted to the following address:

AEP Ohio
Attn: AEP Credit Risk Management
1 Riverside Plaza, 27th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

For more information about credit analysis and collateral contact cresregistration@aep.com

Renewal of CRES Provider Registration (Annual)

A new tool has been adopted for the annual registration renewal in an effort to improve the process. This tool will create a partially prefilled Renewal Application form, based on the most recent information on file, and will be sent from cresregistration@aep.com to each CRES Provider’s primary contact. CRES Providers will be asked to review and update the prefilled application, and return the completed, digitally signed PDF application form along with the following requirements:

  • Audited financial statements for the most recent year
  • Most recent quarterly unaudited financial statements or monthly financial information and an attestation by Applicant's Chief Financial Officer
  • Description of the applicant’s Corporate Structure
  • Updated W-9 Form

Once the documents are received, we will email an invoice for the $100 registration fee to the Primary Contact on the submitted registration application. Please follow the instructions on the invoice for US Mail, Wire/ACH or Debit/Credit Card payment.

Registration renewals are due no later than October 31st of each calendar year.

Ohio Choice Operation Support:

Kevin Vass


Carol Miles


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