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Metering & Usage History

Pre-Enrollment Customer List

Once you are certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, you may request a copy of the Pre-Enrollment Customer List. The following request form should be completed and mailed to Ohio Choice Operations at AEP Ohio as directed at the top of the document, along with a check payable to AEP Ohio. AEP Ohio operates two rate zones within Ohio (Columbus Southern Power and Ohio Power Company). Each rate zone is a separate list, and the cost is $150 per list. To obtain both, the cost is $300. The Pre-Enrollment Customer List is updated monthly. This fee is applicable to the initial request only; CRES Providers are not required to pay the fee for subsequent updated lists. As noted in our Supplier Terms and Conditions of Service, a CRES Provider may not use a customer pre-enrollment list from a prior month to contact customers.

Also, registered CRES Providers can access the Pre-Enrollment Customer List free of charge through our Business Partner Portal at any time.

Pre-Enrollment Request

Pre-Enrollment Customer List File Format

The pre-enrollment customer list has NO delimiters and each record contains 1100 bytes. The format file below will also be included with the requested list(s).

AEP Ohio Pre-Enroll List Format

For Governmental Aggregators Only

Governmental Aggregators may obtain a file specific to their jurisdictional area. The options for this file are contained in the Aggregation Registration Application located on the Aggregation page.

Net Metering Service

Standard Service Offer (SSO) and Open Access Distribution (OAD) are both included in the Net Metering Services.

Net Metering Services

Interval Metering

Interval metering is required for every SDI whose maximum monthly billing demand for the most recent 12 month period is 200 kW or greater. The cost of any interval metering facilities installed by AEP Ohio to comply with this requirement shall be paid for by the customer. The customer must provide written approval for the meter installation when the CRES provider is to be billed.

A dedicated analog phone line is also required, and all costs associated with the installation and maintenance of this phone line are the responsibility of the customer. In addition, the customer shall pay a charge to cover incremental cost of operation and maintenance and meter data management associated with such interval metering as detailed in the Terms and Conditions of Open Access Distribution Service in our Tariffs. (See Tariff and Revenue Class Codes)

During the period between the customer request for the interval meter and the time it takes AEP Ohio to install such meter, a generic load profile will be used for settlement purposes in PJM and consumption meter readings will be used for billing. (See Load profiles page)

A customer or CRES Provider may request interval metering for customers whose maximum monthly billing demand is less than 200 kW. After the dedicated phone line is installed at the customer’s location, the customer is instructed by the CRES Provider representative to contact AEP at 1-888-710-4237 to request an order to have the interval meter installed. An installation order is forwarded to the Meter Services Supervisor for the area in which the customer’s AEP account resides. The Meter Services Supervisor will contact the customer to coordinate the installation of the interval meter.

In addition, AEP monitors the demand usage for those accounts that have switched to a CRES Provider for energy supply, and notifies the appropriate Meter Services Supervisor when an account meets the requirement criteria. The Meter Services Supervisor will contact the customer if no installation order is received. As a last effort, the account may be switched back to AEP standard offer service if the customer fails to comply with the tariff requirement.

Interval Metering Costs

The file below provides the current pricing list for interval meter installations for Ohio Choice. Metering will be owned and maintained by AEP Ohio.

AEP OH Interval Meter Installation Charges

Historical Usage

Twelve billing months (if available) of usage history, either summary or interval, may be requested via EDI. Power Marketers who are certified by the PUCO and registered in AEP Ohio also have the ability to access this information free of charge at any time from our Business Partner Portal. The party seeking the customer information certifies that it is entitled to such information pursuant to applicable law and has obtained the consent of the customer to acquire such information from AEP Ohio. AEP Ohio reserves the right, at any time, to request the CRES Provider’s documentation of customer consent (i.e., the AEP Ohio Letter of Authorization signed by the customer dated on or before the EDI request or BPP download).

For those requestors who do not meet the criteria above and/or who request summary or IDR data via email to ohiochoiceoperation@aep.com, a signed Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the customer must be attached to the email request. The LOAs provided below are the only LOA forms that will be accepted by AEP Ohio. The customer must initial the box and indicate the type of information being requested. For IDR data, there is a $50 fee per SDI because we must fulfill such requests manually. Your email request must include the SDI number, the customer name and an acknowledgement that you agree to pay the fee associated with obtaining this data. This data will be provided in a spreadsheet and emailed to the requestor.

Please use the two AEP Ohio Customer Letter of Authorization forms found below. If you would like to add your logo or contact information, you may do so if you do not alter the format or font size of the existing document. Your logo can be smaller or equal in size than the AEP Ohio logo.

This form can be used for both residential and non-residential customers if interval data is not requested:

AEP Ohio Customer Letter of Authorization for the Request of Historical Usage – Non IDR

If you are requesting interval data, please use this form:

AEP Ohio Customer Letter of Authorization for the Request of Historical Usage - IDR

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