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Average Monthly Payments

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Unusually hot summers or extremely cold winters could spike your electricity bill in critical months of the year. Let us help you plan for the unexpected, and avoid seasonal spikes, with stable bills year-round. Looking for a better way to manage your electric bill?

Our Average Monthly Payment (AMP) plan spreads the costs of heating and cooling over the whole year. That means you pay roughly the same amount during freezing months and scorching months as you pay during off-peak months.

AMP makes budget planning simpler and convenient. And, unlike the Budget Plan, there's no "settle-up" month, making AMP a compelling alternative.

Enroll Before Your Next Bill

To enroll, call 800-672-2231 or log in to your account and update your billing preferences.

*AMP is only applicable to AEP Ohio charges. If you participate in Ohio Choice and want to enroll in a budget plan for generation charges, please contact your generation provider. 


With AMP, monthly payments are based on a rolling 12-month average of a customer’s billed amount. Each month, the oldest bill is removed from the average and the current month’s bill is added. The result is a payment that might go up or down a few dollars but will remain relatively stable each month.

Payment Comparison

Both plans help you manage your budget through stable billing. Unlike the Budget plan, which is adjusted annually or semi-annually and can result in a significant adjustment or “settle up” in your monthly bill, the AMP plan does not have a “settle up” period. AMP is not an equal monthly payment plan but offers a relatively stable payment that might go up or down a few dollars each month.

We read the majority of meters remotely and most electric bills are based on actual usage. Those of you in the AMP plan can be assured that you are only paying for the amount of electricity you use during a 12-month period.

If you move to a new address outside of AEP Ohio's service territory* and close your account, this accumulated balance will be due on your final bill. The accumulated balance will also become due on your next bill if you miss two consecutive bill due dates, or you unenroll from the AMP plan. By paying your bill on time, your accumulated AMP balance will be reduced in billing periods where your usage is lower by using the rolling 12-month average described above under "How does the AMP plan work?"

*If your new address is within AEP Ohio's service territory, any accumulated AMP balance can be transferred to your new service account.

Your AMP plan will renew each year on the anniversary date of when you enrolled as long as your account remains active and the account balance is current.

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