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Questions to Ask a Potential Provider

Information is key to any business decision you make. Shopping for and selecting your provider of electric generation is no exception. Make the decision that is best for you by being an informed shopper.

We can help you explore your options, learn the policies and follow through the implementation process. Your selection of a new provider may affect your account, your services and your future decisions in ways you have not considered.

Your business facility and power needs are unique and no one knows your facility or business better than you do, and only you can decide what factors will determine your choice of an electric provider. No matter what other factors you consider as you comparison shop for a new provider of electric generation, you’ll want to evaluate cost. The piece of information that will help you do this is the “price to compare.” Price to compare is the price that a new electric provider must beat to save you money. As you shop for electricity, consider asking the following questions.

Questions For You To Ask:

About prices and charges:

  • What is the price per kilowatt-hour? Per kW/kVA?
  • How will my demand be set?
  • Is the price fixed or variable?
  • If variable, what are the conditions under which it will change?
  • Are there any limits (minimums or maximums) on consumption at this price?
  • Are there any time-of-use restrictions?
  • Will I pay an enrollment fee?
  • Will I have to pay a switching fee to sign up with you?
  • Will I have to pay a switching fee if I leave your service?
  • Must I pay any deposits?
  • What are the late payment provisions?

About contract provisions:

  • Do you offer an incentive for signing up?
  • How long is the contract period?
  • Can I cancel the contract early?
  • If so, will I have to pay a penalty?
  • Under what circumstances can you cancel my contract?
  • Will I be compensated in any way?
  • What happens when my contract expires?

About my bill:

  • How often will I be billed?
  • Who will bill me and for which services?
  • Who will I call with questions about my bill?

About additional products and services:

  • What optional services do you offer? (advanced metering, use analysis, energy information systems, etc.)

Other questions:

  • What fuel is used to produce the power you provide?
  • Can you serve my other facilities?
  • Can you offer any benefits by consolidating my facilities?
  • Do you offer any energy management services to assist me in controlling my energy consumption?

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