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Enroll From Your Wallet (EFYW)

Enroll From Your Wallet is accessible within Business Partner Portal (BPP) and only registered CRES Providers can participate. This program allows CRES Providers to obtain a customer’s Service Delivery Identification (SDI) by asking the customer information only known by the customer; their phone number and last four digits of their Social Security Number or the amount of one of their last three bills. This customer specific information is input into the tool to search for the SDI. The CRES Provider must have potential customers sign an AEP Ohio Letter of Authorization (LOA), as required by Rule 4901:1-10-24 section (E) and keep it on file for a minimum of one year.

AEP Ohio conducts periodic audits of the participating CRES Providers in this program and may request the LOA based on random selection. CRES Providers must forward the AEP Ohio LOA within two business days of the request. The PUCO shall be provided the results of each audit. To participate in this program AEP Ohio requires a completed Enroll From Your Wallet (EFYW) agreement and a one-time non-refundable payment of $5,000.00.

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