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Governmental Aggregation Registration

Governmental aggregators must complete the following Aggregation registration application. Upon submission of the completed form, we will add your name to the list provided to AEP Ohio customers when requested. This list serves as notification that you are serving customers in our service territories.

The registration application indicates how you may obtain a list of customers specific to your jurisdictional area.

If the aggregation for which you are applying is related to a Non-governmental Aggregation, please contact us at ohiochoiceoperation@aep.com before completing the application. Non-governmental aggregators may obtain a copy of the pre-enrollment list as detailed on the Metering and Usage History page.

Aggregator Registration Application
Note: The Aggregation Application Form is a fillable PDF form with a digital signature. Aggregators may either: 1) complete, digitally sign, save and send the form via email to the email address near the top of the application form; or 2) complete, print, physically sign and send the printed form to the US Mail address near the top of the application form. Items outlined in red on the fillable form are required fields.

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