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Linden Community

As part of our continued work, we are upgrading equipment to improve the reliability of the electric service in your community. We hear you and are working hard to keep your power on in Linden.

What We’re Doing

  • We’re investing over $31.5 million and have more than 50 improvement projects planned throughout your community over the next two years.

Why Outages are Happening

To keep our crews safe while they are working hard on power lines, our equipment is temporarily put on a more sensitive setting. When an unsafe situation occurs, the power is automatically shut off to avoid putting our crews at risk, which may result in an unexpected outage.

Rest assured that our crews work as quickly and as safely as possible to get the power back on when this happens. We expect our portion of the Hudson Street Improvement Project to be completed by mid-November, allowing us to return equipment to a normal setting.

Outages in your area have also been caused by a number of reasons, including:

Severe Weather

Severe weather - like the Derecho and extreme temperatures we experienced in June - have caused unexpected outages.

Unforeseen Circumstances

A number of outages in your area have also been caused by animals on the line, vehicle accidents and trees impacting our power lines.

Equipment Issues

Technical issues with our electrical equipment have also caused outages in our area — which is one of the reasons why you'll see crews continuing work to improve the power in your community.

Work To Date

In Linden, we've been hard at work to improve your electric service. Over the last two years, we've:

  • Replaced 2,300 feet of overhead power lines
  • Identified and repaired 177 hazards
  • Replaced 82 electric poles
  • Installed 27 smart tech devices to better pinpoint issues and reroute power

We're continuing to work hard and are committed to keeping you updated on our progress on the over 50 planned improvements over the next two years.

Be sure to download our mobile app and sign up for text alerts to stay up to stay connected.

Struggling Financially? We can help.

We recognize that financial hardships happen and sometimes you need a little extra support paying your bill. Find out what options are available from AEP Ohio and our community partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

When our crews are working, our equipment is placed on a more sensitive setting to keep the team safe. Because of this, you may experience unexpected outages where work is being done. Rest assured that our crews work as quickly and safely possible to get the power back on.

We have over 50 planned improvement projects we're working on over the next two years to invest over $30 million to improve service in your area. This will include installing over 15,000 feet of new electrical cable and underground protection for the new lines.

This work will help meet existing local electric needs and support future growth in your community by providing greater energy capacity.

There's always the possibility that crews might need to plan an outage to safely complete work. Please be sure we have your best contact information in case we need to get in touch with you through an automated phone message. Rest assured that our crews work as quickly and safely as possible to get the power back on while working.

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