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AEP Ohio Electric Rates

We deliver electricity to your homes and businesses through our power lines and substations. You are paying AEP Ohio to deliver this service through various charges on your electric bill.

Your bill can change from month to month in two primary ways - through how much electricity you use or if there is a rate change.

How much you pay is determined by the market price of generation service, how much electricity you use and other charges such as taxes and fees.

You only pay for the electricity you use. The rates you pay are reviewed and approved by the PUCO. We're continually working to keep your electricity costs as low as possible. We work hard to make our processes more efficient to reduce our operational costs and to provide new programs to improve our interactions with you.

AEP Ohio provides Internet access to its state jurisdictional tariff documents for the convenience of its customers. AEP Ohio makes no warranty that a particular tariff/schedule chosen by a customer is available to or suitable for that customer. Customers are encouraged to contact AEP Ohio directly to ensure the applicability of a desired tariff/schedule for their service requirements.

American Electric Power operates in Ohio as the Ohio Power Company in two rate zones, Columbus Southern Power and Ohio Power. These companies are jointly managed under the name "AEP Ohio".

Ohio Power Company

These rate schedules and bill calculation spreadsheets contain rates and charges that reflect billing tariffs approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). If you have questions about these rate schedules, please contact customer services at 1-800-672-2231.

Bill Calculation Spreadsheets

Please use these bill calculation spreadsheets to better understand the charges that make up your bill. To determine if you're in the Columbus Southern Power Rate Zone or the Ohio Power Rate Zone, simply look at your account number on the top of your bill. If your account number begins with 10, you are in the Columbus Southern zone. If your account begins with 07, you are in the Ohio Power zone.

Submetering Bill Calculation Spreadsheet

If you are billed by a submetering company and are not an AEP Ohio customer, you can use this bill calculation spreadsheet to compare your current rate to ours. This is for residential rates only. This spreadsheet is a tool for informational purposes only.

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