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AEP Ohio 2024 Residential Bill Updates

We deliver electricity to your home or business through our power lines, substations and other equipment. Your bill includes charges for AEP Ohio to provide this service and can change from month to month in two primary ways - through how much electricity you use and/or if there is a rate change.

Below is a summary of a few important changes that will take effect for our residential customers in 2024:

Improving the Aging Transmission Infrastructure

AEP Ohio is investing in new transmission lines to better serve customers. Many of the high-voltage transmission lines AEP Ohio relies on to serve customers were built decades ago and are nearing the end of their expected life. This investment is needed to:

  • Help prevent power outages
  • Protect against threats to the electric grid
  • Support new jobs and economic growth

What to Expect: A typical residential customer using 1,000 kWh of electricity will see the Transmission Service line item on their electric bill increase by approximately $10 per month beginning on April 1st.

The role transmission plays in powering your life and why we're updating the grid.

Generation Supply Cost Decreases for SSO Customers

At the recent auction for generation supply, AEP Ohio saw a significant decrease in the price of electricity-this decreases the bill impact for the higher prices from last year's auctions. This cost is always passed to customers dollar-for-dollar, with no mark-up or profit for AEP Ohio.

Customers who are part of a municipal aggregation or choose to receive electricity from another generation supplier will not see this same change on their electric bills. You can check with your generation supplier for any updates that might impact your electric bill due to recent auctions. You can also see the current cost of generation supply on the Apples to Apples comparison chart provided by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

What to Expect: If you receive your power supply through AEP Ohio's Standard Service Offer (SSO), the generation portion of your monthly electric bill will go down by approximately 30% (or $35) beginning on June 1st.

How to tell who provides the generation supply on your bill

Continuing to Improve the Distribution Electric Grid & Offering Savings Programs

AEP Ohio filed an Electric Security Plan (ESP) stipulation with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio last year that continues our commitment to improve reliability, foster innovation and offer programs to help customers reduce energy usage and save money.

What to Expect: Customers will see an average monthly increase of less than 1% - or about $1.50 - throughout the ESP term with some cost beginning to hit their bill in late 2024.

How this plan will benefit our customers.

Understanding Your Electric Bill

The summary on your monthly electric bill will break down charges from the current billing cycle into three categories. We've also included information about what you can expect to change if you use approximately 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month:


The cost for the production of electricity. Customers in Ohio can choose their energy supplier or remain on the Standard Service Offer (SSO) rate.

What's Changing: Customers who use 1000 kWh per month and get their power through AEP Ohio's Standard Service Offer (SSO) will see the Generation Service (Supply) line item on their bill go down by approximately 30% (or $35) beginning on June 1, 2024. Visit energychoice.ohio.gov to compare Competitive Retail Energy Service (CRES) providers and their rates.


Charges for the costs of transmitting and distributing electricity to your home or business.

What's Changing: Beginning on April 1, 2024, billing cycle, the transmission portion of your bill will include approximately $10 per month to support upgrades to the transmission system. If our Electric Security Plan is approved as submitted, the distribution portion will also incorporate an average monthly increase of less than 1% - or about $1.50 - with some cost beginning to hit their bill in late 2024.


The amount of electricity you used in kilowatt-hours.

What's Changing: This number is dependent on how much electricity you use. The majority of a residential electric bill is based on your usage.

Factors That Can Impact Your Electric Bill


When temperatures go up, so can your electric bill. Your energy usage can creep up quickly during the cold winter months or hot summer months, which means higher-than-usual electric bills.

Extra Billing Days

It's normal for the number of days in each billing cycle to change from month to month. More days per cycle will cause your bill to be higher. You can see the number of days in your billing cycle on the front page of your bill.

Rate Changes

The rates you pay for each kilowatt-hour of electricity you use may change several times each year. This is because AEP Ohio's rates go up and down based on how much it spends on certain types of costs, such as transmitting or distributing power to your location, tree trimming and storm restoration. All of AEP Ohio's rates are approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) before they are charged to your bill.

Energy Supply Rates

AEP Ohio delivers energy to your home and maintains power lines and equipment. Customers who select another company to supply their power through our lines may have different rates. See page three of your bill to learn about choosing who generates your power and visit energychoice.ohio.gov for energy providers and their rates.

Energy Saving Tips

From simple actions you can take around your home to data available at your fingertips, we've gathered these savings resources and recommendations:

Payment Assistance

Whether you need more time to pay or would like to set up a payment arrangement, we can work together to find the right option for you.

Enroll in Average Monthly Payment Plan (AMP)

Keep your payments consistent throughout the year with our AMP plan. It balances out your bill by making minor adjustments each month, so you don't experience extreme highs and lows.

Enroll in AMP

Set Up an Extended Payment Arrangement

In cases where bill payments have fallen behind, it may make sense to consider setting up a payment arrangement.

Set up an arrangement

Explore Payment Assistance Programs

Learn more about the options available at AEPOhio.com/Assistance, message us on Facebook or X, or call our Customer Solutions Center at 800.672.2231 to talk about options available to you.

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