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Business Partner Portal

Power Marketers or Power Brokers may access a pre-enrollment customer list, usage data and meter attributes, and set up rate codes for Rate Ready billing at our Business Partner Portal (BPP).

An email request must be sent to ohiochoiceoperation@aep.com to receive log-in information for both BOLT and the BPP. BOLT is the web navigation system to gain access to register and maintain users within the BPP. Each requestor will need to select a person to be the CRES Broker, and that person will be able to register and maintain users within the site. The CRES Broker will receive an email with a User ID and log-in instructions for both BOLT and BPP platforms.

The CRES Broker may grant "CRES User" level access to anyone in your organization. The CRES Broker also has the ability to Revoke or Edit a user's access.

These platforms are located at:

Important Business Partner Portal Documents

AEP Ohio LOA FAQs include the following examples:

  • Exhibit A: Completed AEP Ohio LOA
  • Exhibit B: Multiple SDIs - AEP Ohio LOA
  • Exhibit C: LOA Failed Audit Notification

Note: All LOAs submitted to AEP are subject to periodic audits. Please refer to the LOA FAQ document for detailed information regarding LOA audit requirements CRES Provider assumes responsibility for any LOA uploaded on behalf of the their company.

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