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Building a Smarter Grid

Better. Faster. Smarter.

We’re improving how power gets to your home with enhanced technology. You’ll have fewer outages, better and faster service, simpler billing and more ways to save.

  • Fewer outages: The grid will automatically reroute electricity away from problems like downed power lines to keep power on for more people. New solar and battery-powered microgrids will prevent outages at critical facilities like hospitals, medical offices and fire and police stations.
  • Better and faster service: We’ll know if your power goes out - thanks to your new smart meter - and can begin repairs faster than before.
  • Simpler billing: We’re making billing easier to understand and more accurate by getting rid of estimated costs.
  • More ways to save: The new grid will automatically reduce how much electricity it takes to power your home. You can save up to 4% on your monthly bill - without having to change a thing. Plus, by logging into AEPOhio.com/Account, you can view your daily energy usage. This information puts you in control and gives you the power to save energy and lower your bill.

Dig deeper into the technology that’s making your life simpler

Smart Meters

DACR Technology: Fewer Outages

VVO Technology: More Ways to Save


DACR, short for Distribution Automation Circuit Reconfiguration, is a new technology that detects a power outage and automatically reroutes the power – minimizing the number of people impacted within minutes.
We are planning to install DACR technology in parts of Delaware, Franklin, Pike and Ross counties by the end of 2020. We’re continuing to look at additional areas for future rollouts.
VVO, short for Volt Var Optimization, is a proven technology that assures electricity is more efficiently transmitted through our power lines and into your home. It automatically adjusts voltage levels on the power lines to improve energy efficiency and minimize energy loss. At the end of the day, it reduces the amount of electricity your appliances and household devices use and saves you up to 4% on your monthly bill.
We are planning to install VVO technology in parts of Delaware, Franklin, Pike and Ross counties by the end of 2019. Additional areas will be identified and installed in 2019 and 2020.
A smart meter is an electric meter equipped with two-way communication technology that provides near real-time meter readings and the secure transfer of your usage information to AEP Ohio for billing and operational purposes. The technology improves billing accuracy and eliminates the need for a meter reader to enter your property.
As of 2021, AEP Ohio has installed more than one million smart meters in its customers’ homes and businesses. A proposal to install smart meters to the remaining AEP Ohio customers is being evaluated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. If approved, AEP Ohio will communicate with those customers on an expected installation date.

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