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A CRES is a Competitive Retail Electric Service Provider.

In Ohio, customers are free to choose who supplies, in some instances, the Generation portion of their electricity service. Customers can purchase this service from a Competitive Retail Electric Service (CRES) Provider.

Initial switches are free. We will charge a switch fee for subsequent switches, if applicable, to the provider you choose. Please visit Making the Switch for details.

After you agree to switch electric providers, we will send a letter to you in the mail informing you that we’ve been notified of this switch. If you wish to object to the switch, instructions are given on how to.

No. Your SDI number is unique, and is 17 digits long. It can be found on the bill in the charges section. Depending on your specific account, you may have more than one SDI (for example, you have metered service and non-metered lights at your premise).

Yes. You will continue to receive AEP Ohio charges for certain transmission costs and distribution (the local poles and wires that distribute electricity to your house). Your CRES Provider may opt to place their charges on our bill or send you a separate statement.

In compliance with Ohio Administrative Code 4901:1-10-29 (E), AEP Ohio must supply eligible-customer lists available to CRES providers that contain customer name, service and mailing address, rate schedule, load profile, meter type, meter read date and historical consumption data for each of the most recent twelve months.

To opt-off this pre-enrollment (eligible-customer) list, visit Opt Off/Opt Onto Shared Customer List.

No, you do not have to change your meter.

You should continue to call us during an outage.

You can return to the Standard Service Offer at any time by either canceling your contract with your current supplier or by contacting AEP and requesting the Standard Service Offer service.

AEP Ohio will continue reading your electric meter.

Once payments are received, and depending on what type of billing you have-AEP Ohio pays the CRES provider their portion.

Your price-to-compare is found on your AEP Ohio bill below the total amount due. In order for you to save money off your utility’s supply charges, a supplier must offer you a price lower than AEP Ohio’s price per kWh for the same usage that appears on your bill.

To maintain accurate billing for both AEP Ohio and the CRES, switching only occurs on the meter read date.

State law prevents regulated utilities, such as AEP Ohio, from providing any information about competitive retail electric suppliers. You can find the latest offers and certified suppliers on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Apples to Apples chart at energychoice.ohio.gov.

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