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Bellville-Lexington Improvements Project

We’re working to upgrade the electric grid in your area. Below you’ll find additional details about what’s planned in your community. Please visit this page for regular project updates and for answers to frequently asked questions.


This is a multi-phase project that will take place over the next few years. Our work includes building a new substation and adding new equipment, like poles and wire.

This work will help meet existing electric needs, provide more reliable service and increase capacity to support future economic growth in your community.

We’re committed to keeping you informed throughout the duration of this project. We’ll work to notify you directly on what to expect if any of the planned work will impact you directly.

Work will take place in both the Bellville and Lexington areas. The new substation will be located on Middle Bellville Road between Orchard Park Road and Vanderbilt Road. Specific details on the project are listed below.

Project Schedule

Work has already begun on this multi-phase project that will take place over the next few years. Work is estimated to be completed by Spring 2023.

Phase 1

New Orchard and New Vanderbilt Distribution Circuits with construction on Orchard Park Road, Middle Bellville Road, Vanderbilt Road and SR 97

  • Target Start Spring 2021
  • Target End Winter 2021-2022

Phase 2

Vanderbilt/Bellville Tie with Construction on SR 97

  • Target Start Fall 2021
  • Target End Winter 2021-2022

Phase 3

New Salerno Station

  • Target Start Summer/Fall 2021
  • Target End Summer 2022

Phase 4

New Kochheiser Circuit with construction on Kochheiser Road

  • Target Start Fall 2021
  • Target End Winter 2021-2022

Phase 5

Lexington South Rebuild with construction on Castor Road

  • Target Start Winter 2021-2022
  • Target End Summer 2022

Phase 6

Bellville in town loop with construction within the city limits of Bellville, along SR 97, Hines Ave, School Street

  • Target Start Spring 2022
  • Target End Winter 2022-2023

Phase 7

Bellville Tie to Lexington South with construction on Mill Run Road

  • Target Start Winter 2022-2023
  • Target End Spring 2023


Please contact our team at BellvilleLexingtonProject@aep.com.

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