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AEP Ohio's Energy Dashboard Gives Customers Insight Into Their Electric Usage

August 2, 2023

A new feature on AEP Ohio’s energy dashboard gives customers greater insight into what uses the most electricity in their homes and how they can save on their monthly electric bill.

The Energy Dashboard is an an online tool that works with a customer's electric meter to help them learn more about their energy usage. With usage data displayed as helpful charts and graphs, customers can identify what actions use the most energy throughout their home and make timely changes.

AEP Ohio's Energy Use Breakdown has been recently expanded to include up to 12 categories — Heating, Cooling, Water Heating, Lighting, Electronics, Oven, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Laundry, Pool, Electric Vehicle, and Other — that indicate how much customers spend on each for their monthly electric bill. The dashboard also includes helpful energy-saving tips on how to reduce costs for each category.

This information can be especially helpful during the hot summer months when home energy use can increase. Customers can beat the summer heat by using AEP Ohio's resources and energy efficiency tips to help minimize the impact on their bill.

How the Dashboard Works

  • First, log into your AEP Ohio account to take advantage of the dashboard’s features.
  • Next, complete the 5-minute Home Energy Profile. This survey allows us to gather important information about your home including how big it is, what appliances you use and how frequently you use them, how you heat and cool your home, what temperature you set your thermostat, etc.
  • Finally, check out the landing page on your dashboard, which will provide a quick glance at how your current bill compares to previous ones. You’ll also get an explanation of what may have caused changes in your energy use (and what you can do about it).

Customers with a smart meter can see their usage data in even greater detail, including which days they use the most energy plus a month-by-month usage chart — right down to 15-minute intervals.

Weekly Energy Report and High Bill Alerts

Customers with a smart meter can also sign up to receive a weekly energy report or high bill alerts. The weekly energy email includes a week-by-week comparison of their home’s energy use, a bill projection, daily and hourly energy breakdowns and personalized tips. High bill alerts are sent when their usage is trending higher than usual.

Customers can manage their notification preferences here.


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