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Supplier Consolidated Billing FAQ

Supplier Consolidated Billing pilot program offers customers a new billing option. Through the program, signatory choice suppliers purchase AEP Ohio receivables at the time of billing and present the charges on their own CRES bill. Customers will not receive a bill from AEP for current charges while enrolled in the program. The CRES will present their supply charges and the AEP Ohio utility charges.

AEP Ohio supports Supplier Consolidated, Dual, Consolidated Bill-Ready, and Consolidated Rate-Ready.

  • Supplier Consolidated Billing - The CRES Provider will present both the supply charges and the AEP Ohio utility charges. This method requires the customer to opt-in and the necessary contract signed.
  • Dual - The customer receives two bills, one from AEP Ohio for utility charges and one from the CRES Provider for supply charges.
  • Consolidated Bill Ready - AEP Ohio accepts bill-ready data calculated by the CRES Provider to be presented on the customer’s AEP Ohio bill.
  • Consolidated Rate Ready - AEP Ohio calculates and presents CRES charges based on the rates the CRES Provider had previously entered in our Business Partner Portal (BPP).

If you are a residential or commercial AEP Ohio customer who has been contacted by one of the signatory suppliers opted into the pilot and signed the necessary contract, you are eligible to participate unless your account is in one of the excluded categories.

Accounts that are currently enrolled in PIPP, Net Metering, or over 30 days delinquent are excluded from enrolling in the pilot at this time.

You must be contacted by one of the signatory suppliers and sign the necessary contract.

The program is a two-year pilot but customers are not required to stay in it for two years.

The CRES Provider must adopt the same bill due date as assigned by AEP Ohio.

We will continue to obtain the meter readings. See the list of meter reading dates. Please note: We may read the meter 1 business day before or 1-2 business days after the scheduled date.

You are no longer billed by us. Please check with your retailer to view a copy of your bill.

We are responsible for site calls and emergency services. Our 24 hour, phone number for reporting service emergencies will be provided on the CRES bill.

Not normally. You may get a CRES and AEP Ohio statement in the same cycle if there are any outstanding charges due to AEP Ohio from a prior period.

We answer your questions about usage and utility charges. The CRES provider will answer questions about your supply charges and about the bill itself.

Remit payments directly to the supplier listed on the statement. Any payments sent directly to us while you’re on the program will apply to AEP Ohio utility charges only and will not be transferred to the supplier.

We accept and hold agency payments on your account to pay future AEP Ohio charges. The SCB Customers who enroll in the PIPP are ineligible (and are removed from) for the SCB pilot.

No, you may not enroll in the Budget and AMP while active on Supplier Consolidated Billing.

If you are currently enrolled in a budget plan during an SCB enrollment, you will remain on the budget plan. The budget amount will be recalculated to cover the utility charges only. The recalculated budget amount will appear on your new CRES provider bill along with the provider charges. At settle up time, the total budget deferred amount will appear on the CRES bill.

You may cancel at any time by contacting AEP customer service or your current CRES provider.

No, there is no fee for cancelling.

No, the CRES provider would have to initiate a new enrollment for the new address if it is eligible.

We will continue to process requests for opening and closing accounts.

If you enroll for the Supplier Consolidated Billing pilot and do not meet the requirements at the time of the switch, you will be placed on Dual billing until the account is eligible.

The CRES supplier retains copies of the contract and handles questions regarding the customer agreements.

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