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AEP Ohio Smart LED street lighting

We're lighting the night with smart street lighting for your community. This lighting will improve security along public roadways with increased visibility while simultaneously lowering energy costs with longer-lasting lights.

Our street light network controls offer:

Savings & Safety

  • Reduce unexpected maintenance delays
  • Increase energy-saving opportunities
  • Improve safety and security

Enhanced Lighting Controls

  • Activate remotely
  • Enable billing for metered use
  • Future scheduled light dimming

AEP Ohio Support & Maintenance

  • Monitor and troubleshoot proactively
  • Schedule and dispatch crews automatically for repairs
  • Gain access to future service offerings and enhancements


Current lights are being replaced with energy-efficient, LED lights with smart nodes to provide energy and cost savings to customers.

Yes, new street lights will be LED with a smart node.

  • Lower energy costs up to 60%
  • Reduced carbon output
  • Longer lasting lights
  • Better quality white light with less glare

Combining the LED lights with smart nodes and a management system provides significant saving potentials such as metered energy billing (instead of estimated energy billing).

Also, smart lighting – which detects and sends real-time notifications about possible issues – prompts quicker maintenance.

Another benefit of smart controlled lights means customers no longer need to notify AEP Ohio if one of the newly installed lights is out of power. We are notified in real-time when there are operational issues. We still welcome customers to call the AEP Ohio Customer Service Center at 1-800-672-2231 to report a light out.

The PUCO approved and enacted the tariff on December 1, 2021. All street lights will be billed under one Ohio Power Company rate schedule.

It depends. Street light accounts are billed by AEP Ohio directly to the municipality that requested the lights be installed, and those accounts are billed monthly on a per fixture plus kWh consumption basis. Billing will vary in amount according to the hours the light is in operation per month, and vary during the winter and summer hours of daylight.

Customers on the new street light tariff will no longer be billed a facility charge every month for non-standard length services, or for additional facilities that were installed for their requested street light installation.

The elimination of the reoccurring facilities charge will happen when billing begins under the new tariff. Billing based on smart node metered kWh consumption will begin after the new LED lights and smart node system is fully integrated.

The replacement plan approved by the PUCO order calls for AEP Ohio to convert all existing street lights to LED fixtures with smart nodes within the next 5 years to improve energy efficiency throughout the state.

AEP Ohio is working on a schedule and expects installations to begin in late 2022. When we know more, we will keep customers updated through various communications channels, such as letters or automated phone messages, as program details are finalized. It is important that your account information on file is current, including mailing address and phone number. Update your account information at AEPOhio.com/Account.

Existing AEP Ohio-owned light fixtures will be removed and replaced with LED smart-controlled light fixtures. The new LED fixture’s size, light pattern, and light output level will be selected to meet or exceed the previous fixtures’ performance, and will do so while using less energy.


Please contact our team at DublinProject@aep.com.

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